RUDDER signed a multi-annual contract with a German leading Premium Car Manufacturer for the worldwide management and security of all its Linux servers

Paris, Munich, February 24, 2020
RUDDER is a French, open-source and multiplatform solution for continuous configuration audit and management. It specifically targets production infrastructure needs. RUDDER is designed for IT compliance and provides real-time operational visibility to IT infrastructure managers.
We are proud to announce that RUDDER signed a multi-annual contract with the BMW Group for the worldwide management and security of all its Linux servers.
Specifically destined for current reliability and compliance needs, RUDDER has been adopted by large critical infrastructures such as the BMW Group since 2014. RUDDER now manage its entire worldwide Linux servers fleet, including its banking environment, its vehicle manufacturing plants, and its internal services… This allows the group to ensure its IT system complies with its production and security standards, by continuously auditing all systems, detecting any anomalies and automatically fixing it.
According to RUDDER’s Business Development Director, Alexandre Brianceau: “This is further proof of the trust placed in RUDDER for the security and reliability of servers in an industrial and critical environment. This commitment confirms the excellence and performance of our solution for compliance across thousands of servers.”


Launched in 2012 and developed in Paris, RUDDER is the European leader in Continuous Configuration, allowing teams and large accounts of devops environment to ensure the compliance of their IT systems. The solution audits and ensures the compliance of heterogeneous IT infrastructures, by automating the management of servers, different clouds or IoT.
Furthermore, it handles Linux, Windows or AIX. RUDDER provides a real-time view of the state and the compliance of ten of thousands of servers to technical and management teams. As the preferred solution for SecOps teams, its graphical interface enables it to be quickly integrated into production and security teams.


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