Rudder 8.1: bringing infrastructure understanding to new heights

We are glad to introduce Rudder 8.1 which brings a new vision to the infrastructure automation process, making compliance understandable and workable at all levels of the infrastructure. You can find out about our approach in this article about branch 8.

In this article, we take a closer look at the new compliance features that significantly enhance your Rudder experience for managing and automating your infrastructure: the Rudder Score and the in-depth compliance view.

Additionally, discover other new features listed in the changelog.

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Rudder Score: get a comprehensive and holistic visibility on the state of your systems

In this release, we introduce an innovative feature: the Rudder Score that provides you with a more comprehensive and global visibility on the health of your systems.

While Rudder has always been developed with the idea of compliance by design and offers users great visibility into their infrastructure health through various compliance views, this new feature takes it to the next level.

The Rudder score provides a comprehensive overview of a system’s status by aggregating various components:

  • compliance view of the system regarding its configurations,
  • vulnerabilities impacting the system,
  • updates impacting the system.
Screen of a système with Rudder score

The global score reflects how well-aligned the system is with security and configuration policies, offering a 360° view for assessing the security posture of your infrastructure without having to dig into specific configurations or logs. In this way, you can easily and quickly identify systems posing security risks and prioritize remediation efforts efficiently.

Group-level view of compliance: take an in-depth look at the health of your infrastructure

Screen of a group of systems with compliance view

After adding compliance rate at each configuration level, we are now introducing compliance for groups of systems. This feature enables you to delve into detailed compliance assessments at the group level, providing deeper insights into your infrastructure’s adherence to configuration and security policies.

Compliance degrees at each level offer the flexibility to analyze compliance across all components of your infrastructure. Additionally, it offers in-depth customization according to specific needs and preferences.

In today’s ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, strengthening security is crucial for protecting company data and mitigating security vulnerabilities. These new Rudder features provide you with the control you need to efficiently address risks and handle necessary remediations.

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Release 8.1: no need to play hide-and-seek with compliance, Rudder Score has been deployed!

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