Configuration management

Manage your complex infrastructure configurations with simple automation
Manually managing your IT infrastructure, especially if it’s critical or hybrid, is not really efficient. The best approach is to use automation combined with configuration compliance to have full and continuous control of your systems.
Rudder is built on a powerful compliance-driven automation engine, providing a simple, declarative management framework for your system configurations. No more loss of service, Rudder keeps your systems correctly configured by controlling the drift in a centralized platform.

Save time by using power of automation

Rudder speeds up the provisioning of your machines for the business teams with automation.

Manage your systems by taking particularities into account

Rudder lets you define precisely your configurations.

Run self-healing IT infrastructure

Rudder homogenizes your infrastructure while keeping it operational and reliable.

Manage with ease through a complete and user-friendly interface

Rudder makes configuration management easy from start to finish for all IT teams.

Keep always control

Rudder allows you to keep control at all times of the process.


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Security management module details

System hardening, vulnerability management, continuous compliance

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Configuration management module details

This module targets maximum performance and reliability for your infrastructure management, with enterprise-class features such as :

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