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Continuous Auditing & Configuration

RUDDER is a European, open source and multi-platform solution allowing you to manage configurations and compliance of your systems. Based on Continuous Configuration, we combine configuration management and continuous audit.


Manage and automate the configurations of your IT infrastructure with a single software in order to make more efficient use of your teams’ skills. Get an easy central and graphical configuration to manage your nodes like a cattle!

Continuous audit & remediation

Audit continuously to always maintain the visibility in your IT infrastructure and ensure IT compliance. Take effective action and fix issues once and for all!

Continuously secure & prove

Enforce hardening policies continuously and maintain visibility over known vulnerabilities. Then prove your compliance to the auditors.
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Go further with our features

Web management interface

Manage your systems with RUDDER's simple and practicle UI

Audit and enforce mode

Audit your configurations, then switch to enforce mode to correct discrepancies

CIS & CVE assessment

Manage the compliance of your security policies on your systems

Advanced reporting

Get real-time compliance PDF reports of the current state of your systems

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