Rudder 7.3 is out: Rudder patch management is ready to rock!

Take control of your
IT infrastructure

Configure, patch, secure with simplicity while managing your specificities through powerful automation software.

One platform for automating all your systems management

We bring the solution to your needs. No matter what the OS is.

Continuous configuration management

Deploy, monitor, and continuously maintain your configurations on every system of your IT infrastructure. You have everything you need to act quickly on problems and ensure high availability.

Multi-OS patch management

Automate available updates identification and patch campaign deployment for all your OS. You benefit from precise patch management thanks to our powerful platform that takes into account specificities.

Standard compliance

Keep your systems continuously compliant with external standards (CIS, ISO27001, PCI-DSS...) and internal policies. With an audit performed every 5 minutes, you are sure to pass any certification.

Rudder is used by all industries

The solution suited to all infrastructures.
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Designed for hydrid infrastructure

Be effective right now


Configure & patch

Manage your configurations and keep your systems up to date with simple automation.


Strengthen infrastructure security to keep your systems compliant and secure at all times.

The benefits of using Rudder

Using Rudder is to fully automate your infrastructure. It’s the best way to save time, increase efficiency and focus on important activities.

Having a compliance approach by design is the key of Rudder. You easily ensure the reliability and security of your systems thanks to the compliance views displayed for each component in Rudder.

Using Rudder is managing your infrastructure efficiently and acting quickly when necessary. You have global understanding with the Rudder Score and detailed data that can be shared with your teams.

No need to code or learn a new language, you can manage all your systems through our graphical interface.

Explore the full potential of Rudder

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Release 8.1: no need to play hide-and-seek with compliance, Rudder Score has been deployed!

Security management module details

This module targets maximum security and compliance for managing your infrastructure, with enterprise-class features such as:
Learn more about this module on the Security management page

Configuration & patch management module details

This module targets maximum performance and reliability for managing your infrastructure and patches, with enterprise-class features such as:

Learn more about this module on the Configuration & patch management page