Easily master multi-OS patch management

Control and customize update deployments to comply with your patch management policy.

Patch all your systems, whatever the OS, in a single place

Take advantage of using a single platform to really deploy patch management across all your operating systems and endpoints. In this way, you minimize human errors and missed flaws.

Rudder automates cross-platform patching and gives you a continuous and comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure. Rudder is perfectly adapted to hybrid and critical infrastructure. You can now keep all your systems up to date, secure and reliable.

All OS in one place

Control patch management on Windows and Linux in a single interface. Rudder also helps you easily set up exceptions for your patch campaigns.

Security & compliance guaranteed

Don't miss flaws any more, and fix them all with Rudder. It also ensures that your systems are compliant with your company’s standards.

Reliability Rudder
High reliable level

Keep your systems up to date to ensure your infrastructure is running smoothly. Make the entire patch management process more reliable by updating progressively and analyzing the results.

Rudder icon easy UI
Simple and automated process

Benefit from automation of the entire process (identification, deployment, results) through an accessible graphical interface.

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Plan your patch campaigns once, we deploy them automatically

Keep control on systems updates

Get an overview of available patches:
system updates Rudder

Create and plan patch campaigns

Get a continuous visibility into patch management

Have continuous visibility on your patch management:

Patch report Rudder

Efficient features to automate and master all the patch management process

System updates

Check and ensure your systems and applications have the latest update installed. Apply patches if necessary.

Patch campaigns

Simply create and plan your multi-OS patch campaigns with many options as recurrence, restart/reboot option... Campaign events are then created and run automatically.


Create and run patch campaigns targeting specific packages. In this way, you can quickly remediate critical vulnerabilities on your systems and limit security risks.

Patch reports

Monitor past event campaigns and their results. You have continuous visibility into patch management.


Quickly monitor the health of your IT environment and share it with other teams.

The idea of hardening and patch management is to install as many fire doors as possible when everything is going well, to discourage attacks and limit the need for emergency interventions.

Cybersecurity: applying defense-in-depth to your IT infrastructure

Manage all your OS in one place

Rudder supports all major operating systems to help manage and control your entire IT infrastructure.

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Release 8.1: no need to play hide-and-seek with compliance, Rudder Score has been deployed!

Security management module details

This module targets maximum security and compliance for managing your infrastructure, with enterprise-class features such as:
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Configuration & patch management module details

This module targets maximum performance and reliability for managing your infrastructure and patches, with enterprise-class features such as:

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