Provisioning & deployment

Deploy and maintain configured and secured systems throughout their entire lifecycle.

Provisioning is a key challenge for growing IT infrastructures. Each new server, container or laptop needs to be correctly setup, following the company’s policies. But provisioning can’t be completely effective if systems are not kept up to date throughout their lifecycle. That’s why provisioning goes along with configuration and application deployment. 

Rudder automates these processes and will ensure that each system is quickly available, easily updated and always secure and reliable.

More efficient teams

Automate manual tasks using the “define once, apply many time” principle. No more wasted time and more productivity.

Reliable systems

Minimize errors by grouping machines and using our check-only mode before application

Agile infrastructure growth

Make your systems always available and keep them up to date quickly

Define once with intelligence

Choose how the configurations will apply to your nodes using dynamic groups based on smart filters. Customize and adapt them your technical and structural specificities thanks to :
  • hierarchical variables
  • configuration and application templates with Jinja2, Mustache and Augeas
  • user or inventory defined parameters

Apply many times

Configurations are contextualized to each node and deploy automatically and instantly. Infrastructure as code and git based dataset helps your team easily control the automation workflow and provision new machines.

Continuous traceability and visibility

Keep control of application and system updates by checking changes and decisions. You can also benefit from check-only mode to get additional visibility into your assets or just check before applying with real insights versus a “dry run”. Dashboards and customizable reports allow you to share all information with anyone

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Security management module details

System hardening, vulnerability management, continuous compliance

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Configuration management module details

This module targets maximum performance and reliability for your infrastructure management, with enterprise-class features such as :

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