Continuous configuration management

Keep your systems in the desired state throughout their entire lifecycle to always ensure reliable and operational infrastructure.

You have a critical infrastructure. Or perhaps your infrastructure is growing fast. In either case, configuration management gives you the control and visibility you need to keep your systems running despite changes made over time. This is the best process to ensure reliability, security and high availability of your systems.

Rudder adapts to your needs and enables you to maintain continuously operational systems in a simple way. It also helps you act quickly on issues. This prevents bigger, more expensive problems and keeps your infrastructure consistent.

Better control and visibility

Group your systems according to your criteria, apply desired configurations and monitor them continuously

Easy to use interface

Simplify your configuration management with the configuration builder and the entire Rudder interface

Time and money saving

Eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce manual errors, avoid outages and security breaches with automation

Define baseline with best practices

Define the expected behavior of systems and configurations to apply using our features such as the configuration builder. To ease configuration deployment according to each system, classify them into dynamic groups based on inventory and tags filters. This way you can ensure that SSH configuration is following  your company guidelines, that your firewalls are properly set or that user rights and admin groups are deployed on all your systems. Use templates (Jinja2, Mustache or Augeas), user-defined or CMDB-defined parameters to adjust the baseline  to your real environment.

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Automate audit and remediation

Configurations and rules are continuously monitored. This ensures that your infrastructure is working as expected compared to  your baseline. Each change and incident are also tracked and reported. You can then choose to automatically remediate with our enforce mode. 

Network outage? Don’t worry, Rudder agent will continue to apply your configurations.

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Understand your infrastructure

Get a full and real-time visibility of your systems and their compliance to your baseline configurations. As everything is tracked and reported, it’s easy for your team to quickly dig up the root cause when an incident occurs. This allows them to make better and faster decisions. Also benefits from Rudder’s inventory and reporting on the good maintenance of your assets by synchronizing Rudder with your CMDB or monitoring system.

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