Explore all the features we design to give you everything you need to manage and secure your infrastructure.

Main features

Check/enforce mode

Use one of two modes depending on your needs: check configurations only or correct them. Set the modes at the global, machine or configuration level.

Dynamic configurations

Automate global configuration management while easily taking into account all exceptions on each machine.

Dynamic groups

Create dynamic groups based on inventory and data criterias. Each new machine will be automatically classified.


Quickly monitor the health of your IT environment and share it with other teams.

Multiplatform agents

Centralize all the management of your systems. Agents work for Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Solaris.

API-based design

Driven by API, Rudder integrates perfectly with your IT environment and workflows. With the API, you can also create specific reports or interfaces. It's a powerful tool for DevOps teams.

    Configuration & patch management

    Configuration builder

    Easily create configurations through a user-friendly interface. No need to learn a new language.

    Modular configurations

    Create your own configuration modules for simplified configuration management. And build complex components that can be easily reused by others.

    Declarative configurations

    Define the desired state of your infrastructure through your configurations. No need to think about how to reach it, Rudder does it for you.

    Hierarchical data management

    Manage exceptions in your systems by associating data with an instance, a node or a group; fine-tune merge and override policies; and view computed values.

    Drift management

    Anomaly detection and remediation with self-healing (within 5 minutes).

    System provisioning

    Go from a minimal OS installation to a fully configured system in minutes. Rudder takes care of customizing the installation to suit your needs.

    Continuous deployment

    Achieve continuous deployments for applications, configurations, files, scripts, registered keys… That easily integrates with CI/CD stacks.

    Progressive rollout

    Create new configurations and deploy them step by step over your infrastructure.

    System updates

    Check and ensure your systems and applications have the latest update installed. Apply patches if necessary.

    Patch campaigns

    Simply create and plan your multi-OS patch campaigns with many options as recurrence, restart/reboot option... Campaign events are then created and run automatically.


    Create and run patch campaigns targeting specific packages. In this way, you can quickly remediate critical vulnerabilities on your systems and limit security risks.

    Patch reports

    Monitor past event campaigns and their results. You have continuous visibility into patch management.

    Security management

    Custom security policies

    Easily create and customize security policies through a user-friendly interface. You can manage internal security policies of your organizations, standards (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS…) and system hardening.

    Continuous audit

    Managed systems are checked autonomously every 5 minutes by agents.

    CVE assessment

    Continuously detect vulnerabilities in your systems. And get detailed information to properly remediate them.

    CVE reports

    Get reports on CVEs through the API. You can filter CVE before exporting them. This gives you more accurate and easier-to-understand results.

    Audit security standards

    Audit security standards with Rudder such as CIS benchmarks, SecNumCloud, etc. And check system compliance.

    OpenSCAP audit

    Automatically trigger OpenSCAP audits, then collect and make the results available directly in Rudder interface.

    Control and visibility

    Rudder Score

    Easily understand and visualize the health of your systems by aggregating Rudder components into an overall score.

    Compliance view

    Get an overview of your infrastructure’s configuration and security compliance. You can also view compliance for each Rudder component (by system group, by system, by rule…).

    Full configuration versioning

    Track every configuration changes through versioning. Each version allows audit, control and rollback management.


    Create and export visual reports about infrastructure compliance. Report templates can be customized.

    Complete inventory

    Get a comprehensive inventory of all managed systems. The inventory is extendable and runs nightly and can be easily synchronized with other tools such as CMDB.

    Technical feedback

    Investigate configuration issues from high level overview to detailed logging of each node.

    Activity logs

    Get visibility of every change applied to configurations. Everything is tracked and logged.

    Scalability and performance

    Lightweight agent

    Keep the best performance: agents check hundreds of components in seconds while using only a few MB to run.

    Disconnected agent

    Manage your infrastructure at any time. Agents are network-proof and can continue to audit and enforce configurations without connecting to the Rudder server.

    High availability

    Always maintain high availability thanks to a replica Rudder server in standby mode that can be spinned up in minutes.

    Relay servers

    Connect remote networks to Rudder server and enhance connectivity of unreliable networks.

    Resilient communication protocols

    Manage infrastructure with minimal network flows and pull-based distribution.


    Configuration DSL

    Define configurations directly as code, which will be compiled to ensure high reliability.

    External authentication

    Use your company directory with AD, LDAP and SSO to connect to Rudder.

    User rights management

    Manage users access to the interface with different roles that you can customize. Users also get a personal API token to automate actions.


    Give access only to a subset of systems, may it be a customer or a specific environment.

    Change requests

    Have a coworker or a peer review your change before deploying it to production.

    Customizable interface

    Customize the user interface with your own custom theme.

    Choose automation with Rudder to have more control and always be compliant with less effort.
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    Release 8.1: no need to play hide-and-seek with compliance, Rudder Score has been deployed!

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