Explore all the features we design to give you everything you need to manage and secure your infrastructure.



Multi-platform agents

Agents for Linux, Windows, AIX, Raspberry Pi Beta agents for Solaris

Dynamic configuration engine

Uses information from nodes and other information sources to compute the adapted configuration for each node

API-based design

Allows easy interaction with an external tool by extracting and adding data

Reliable and safe tech stack

For a core infrastructure tool, reliability is key. Rudder is based on stable and recognized tools

Full configuration versioning

Every change in configuration is tracked, versionned, and can be rollbacked to.

Scalability - performance

Relay servers

Traverse network zones, or connect to networks with poor connectivity using relay servers

Resilient communication protocols

Minimal network flows, pull-based distribution

Rudder server high availability

Replica Rudder servers in stand-by mode that can be spinned up in matter of minutes

Lightweight agent

An adapted agent for each OS type, built on standard system components and running with tens on MB of RAM, in seconds for hundreds of checked components


Rolling out configuration deployment

Create new configuration and deploy them step by step over your infrastructure

Check mode

Driven from the server, by configuration policy or by node (ex audit mode) Usable for new machines, maintenance windows, or for specific parts of configuration policies

Continuous application deployment

Achieve simple deployments directly with Rudder, continuously checked and update from source, integrating easily with ci/CD stacks.

System provisioning

Go from a minimal OS install to a completely configured system in a matter of minutes

Drift management

Anomaly detection and remediation (within 5 minutes)



Quickly monitor the health of state of your IT environment

Technical feedback

Investigate configuration issues from high level overview to detailed logging from each node.


Summary reports

Dashboards and synthetic information about compliance

Continuous audit

Managed systems are checked autonomously every 5 minutes by agents

Aggregated view

Thanks to Rudder's policy design based on business needs, get an overview of your policies compliance over heterogeneous systems and environments

Activity logs

Every change in the applied configuration is tracked

    Configuration management

    Node groups

    Allowing easy and maintainable node classification

    Configuration builder

    UI to build your configuration, without need to learn a new language

    Modular configurations

    Based on well-defined abstractions level, build reusable components.

    Declarative configurations

    Configuration of hosts is defined using states to attain

    Hierarchical data management

    Associate data with an instance, a node or a group. Fine-tune merge and overriding policies. Visualize computed values in the interface.

    Complete inventory

    A comprehensive inventory of every managed system is done every night

    Encrypted configuration data

    Store data in Rudder that only nodes can access

    Security management

    CVE assessment

    Tracking vulnerabilities across heterogeneous systems, and follow patching over time

    Custom baseline security policies

    With our policy editor, create custom security policies or customize standard baselines (like CIS) to your needs.

    Software updates

    Apply software updates across heterogeneous systems, including system upgrades

    Ready to use CIS benchmarks

    Import CIS benchmark on Rudder and check compliance of the systems

    Automated OpenSCAP audits

    Automatically trigger OpenSCAP audits, and collect and make the results available directly in Rudder’s interface

    Team work

    User rights management

    Manage users access to the interface with different roles. Users also get a personal API token to automate actions.

    Multiple interfaces

    Several entry points : API for automation, Web interface for day-to-day usage, and the ability to write infrastructure-as-code directly

    External authentication

    Use your enterprise AD/Directory to connect to Rudder

    Customizable interface

    Customize the graphic aspect of the interface to differentiate them in production

    Change requests

    A coworkers/peer review your change before deploying it to production

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    Security management module details

    System hardening, vulnerability management, continuous compliance

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    Configuration management module details

    This module targets maximum performance and reliability for your infrastructure management, with enterprise-class features such as :

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