Standard compliance

Make sure that external regulations and internal policies required by your organization are continuously compliant within your infrastructure.

Most organizations must conform to industry best practices listed in standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc. Some also define their own internal policies. So IT teams need to ensure that the infrastructure is compliant with these standards. But auditors and security teams expect a solid and tracked implementation, while the ops teams are already fully occupied with business projects and production rollout.

Rudder provides the necessary automation, monitoring and visibility that will keep all the teams satisfied with a policy-as-code approach.

Dynamic & continuous compliance

Using continuous audit, identify in real time which systems are no longer compliant.

Time saving and reliability

No need to manually prepare an external audit, everything is automated with Rudder.

Easy data sharing

Share dashboards and detailed reports with security teams, management and even external auditors.

Define your security policies

Easily configure security policies based on your organization’s requirements. Rudder is a compliance-as-code software with a full graphical experience. Rudder also helps you integrate standards and best practices such as CIS Benchmark.

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Audit, control and remediate continuously

Once your security policy configurations are deployed, Rudder will audit them every five minutes. This gives you the visibility you need to fully monitor compliance. You will be able to identify which systems no longer meet the baseline requirements, and automatically remediate if necessary.

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Instant view and shareable reports

Traceability is key in a policy audit context. Rudder gives you  global visibility with dashboards and with all compliance logs stored. So you can monitor standards compliance over time. Then export compliance reports to prove your assessments and share them with other teams like security teams.

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