Overview of Rudder

Rudder is an IT infrastructure automation platform helping manage all your systems from one central control tower. Highly scalable, Rudder automates complex processes and ensures visibility and control of your infrastructures.
Rudder is designed to continuously automate configuration, patch and security management on your IT with a compliance approach. This gives you a perfect visibility for an actionable and controlled infrastructure at all times. 
Continuous automation, compliance, control and visibility are the core fundamentals of Rudder:

How does it work?

Rudder works with baselines dynamically defined for your infrastructure. The scalability offered by system groups and dynamic configurations lets you easily specify these states.

Then Rudder continuously your systems’ compliance with your defined baseline. Rudder also helps you to keep systems updated, detect vulnerabilities and apply patches if necessary. And Rudder Score gives you easy-to-understand visibility of the overall state of your systems.

Secure and efficient architecture

Designed to provide a continuous view of systems compliance, Rudder uses a lightweight agent installed on each system and connected to the Rudder central server. Systems communicate directly to the root server or through relay servers. This model ensures data security, optimized execution and reliable service even in case of network failure.

Please note that you can install the Rudder root server on-premises if you require all data to remain physically on-site.

Hybrid and traditional infrastructures management

Rudder is very effective for hybrid platforms management, from remote laptops to containers in public cloud or even physical industrial servers in a factory. It relies on resilient and secure communication protocols with the managed systems. As an agent-based solution, Rudder is network-failure and low-bandwidth proof: agents still ensure that your systems are compliant with the desired-state and they will send reports as soon as the network is re-established.

Main features

Check/enforce mode
Configuration builder​
Custom security policies
Rudder Score
Compliance views
Patch campaigns
CVE assessment
Multiplatform agent

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Release 8.1: no need to play hide-and-seek with compliance, Rudder Score has been deployed!

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