Vulnerability assessment

Track all vulnerabilities on every system to ensure your infrastructure is always secure.

Vulnerabilities are critical to all businesses. Implementing vulnerability management processes highly helps you secure and maintain the availability of your infrastructure. But this is a difficult and time-consuming task: tons of new vulnerabilities are published every day and IT infrastructures are growing  fast. That’s why automation is a must-have, especially for assessing vulnerabilities on a large scale.
Rudder continuously automates vulnerability assessment for you. Rudder also gives you unique and detailed visibility (by system and by vulnerability) to fit with your process, plan remediation and then just remediate!
Easier processes and decisions

Get detailed information on all the assets and vulnerabilities. Severity classification included.

Strengthened security

Continuously detect vulnerabilities and remediate before the critical point.

Global visibility and reporting

Show vulnerabilities and remediation state with specific reports.

Automate continuous vulnerability scanning

Rudder helps you manage all the vulnerabilities on your systems: CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) but also custom vulnerabilities that you define to prevent risks. Scans run continuously from the central server to analyze all systems and find which packages are vulnerables. This ensures a low footprint on the managed systems.

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Real-time details for remediation

Get real-time check results to see which systems are impacted. You can filter them by vulnerability or by system. In any case, CVE details are displayed, such as the vulnerability severity and state, to give you everything you need to plan and prioritize their remediation.

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Track vulnerabilities remediation in real-time

Live dashboards and vulnerability details help you to remediate quickly. Each system’s vulnerabilities are tracked and historized. Get metrics reports to share with your teams.

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