Normation: our mission, why Rudder and our offer

Yesterday, we held a seminar in our offices titled IT infrastructure: Balancing best practices and everyday constraints. Mark Burgess, pioneer of software configuration management and founding CTO of CFEngine AS, was our guest star, and gave a very interesting talk about the Third Wave of IT Management.

We took the opportunity to introduce Normation, presenting our mission, our strategic partnership with CFEngine AS, and the aims of Rudder. For those who weren’t there, we thought we’d share an extract of this presentation:

It was a great event, with many interesting questions and discussions, and we’d like to thank everyone who attended, and of course Mark for coming all the way to Paris for this, and his warm comments about Normation.

If you’re curious about Normation or Rudder, we’d love to hear from you – contact us by email, Twitter (@Normation and @RudderProject) or IRC (#rudder on FreeNode)!

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