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You can now support Rudder development by making a one time or recurring donation, using the Bountysource platform:

Why set this up?

So far, the only financial backer of Rudder’s development was the core team itself through the revenue of Normation’s activity, the software company providing support and professional services around Rudder, while developing new features. The only way people out of the core team could support the development was either to directly contribute by writing code – but not everybody has the time/skills/wish to do so – or to manage to turn their company into a paid user of the solution, which is probably the best way to support the project, but Rudder is not the right tool for every company / need / budget. The issue was that a lot of people were enthusiastic about the product but had no way to demonstrate their support. Now an individual person can be part of Rudder’s adventure by tipping a few coins.

Is Rudder in financial need?

Do we need this? Yes. Is Rudder in financial need? No. Indeed – and fortunately – Rudder’s development strategy doesn’t rely only on individual’s generosity. Beyond Forrester’s recognition as a market leader, Rudder business grew 40% in 2017, so we can say things are going quite well. However, the core development team is working hard to deliver high quality features despite it’s small size. In short, every little helps, and will bring Rudder closer to the vision we share for it, faster! The team would appreciate to see that people outside of our office know that too, and this is a good way to show them your love.

I’m not rich though.

Intention is everything. By backing us on Bountysource, you’ll become someone special for us and for the whole community, whatever the amount. Also, we don’t plan to buy a luxury yacht, so if it manages to pay for fuel (read coffee), we’ll consider the target reached.


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