RUDDER subscription gives access to advanced features as plugins, as well as extended maintenance and support.

This packaged offer secures and facilitates the use of RUDDER on a large scale, in complex technical and organizational contexts. The table below is a simplified overview of the offer.

Without Subscription

With subscription

Web management UI
Full configuration UI
Graphic technique editor
Web interface customization (logo, color)
Audit and compliance
"Audit only" mode (no changes)
Maximum audit frequency
5 min
5 min
Current state compliance by node and by rules
Aggregation and compliance history
Customizable reporting
Validation workflow (change requests)
Linux packages for recent versions of major distributions
Linux packages for unsupported OS versions (Debian 6, RHEL 5, etc.)
Windows packages (2012 R2 and higher)
AIX packages (5.3 and higher)
Raspberry Pi package (Raspbian)
Detailed node inventory (extensible)
Application Deployment integration*
CMDB integration*
Monitoring integration*
Messaging integration*
Scale-out relay servers (for network zone isolation and ramping up)
High availability (main server)
Generic import of node properties from external HTTP sources
External authentication (LDAP, AD, Radius)
Web access rights management (by type of action)
Full API access rights management
Maintenance time for each version
3 months
Up to 24 months depending on subscription level
Publisher support (9:00-19:00 working days)
Annual cost per machine

* More detail on plugins page


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