RUDDER 6.0: focus on UX and SecOps

We are proud to announce a new major version: RUDDER 6.0! More than a year after 5.0 and the creation of the plugin ecosystem, RUDDER 6.0 improves core components, and sets the basis for future exciting features. We particularly worked on the UX by improving the graphic interface. We made it easier to use! RUDDER […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2019


Test the new beta version

We are very proud to announce that we have just released a new version: Rudder 6.0 beta!   Discover the new features Major features will include two main topics: Security → New security-oriented plugins (available on-demand until stable release, contact us): Vulnerability (CVE) Management: allow to check and list vulnerabilities against CVEs CIS rules package: […] Read more

Nov, 05, 2019


Call For Participation to the Configuration Management Camp 2020

The RUDDER community will soon gather at the occasion of the Configuration Management Camp Gent (a.k.a. CfgMgmtCamp 2020) from 3 to 5 February 2020. This event brings together specialists and newcomers alike that are interested in infrastructure and configuration management generally or specifically involved in a given community : RUDDER, Puppet, Saltstack, Ansible, Terraform… We […] Read more

RUDDER at FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp 2019

The RUDDER community will soon gather at the occasion of the FOSDEM and Configuration Management Camp Gent: FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. We will […] Read more

Rudder fall 2018 bug crunch

Middle of Autumn is that kind of period of the year where you look back at the past month, the lovely spring, the hot summer, the crazy La Rentrée, and wonder… Why on earth are there so many bugs open in our ticketing system? Especially so many little things, not the kind that cause serious […] Read more

RUDDER 5.0 is out!

The initial RUDDER model consisting of a single software block which includes all features, thus imposing a greater and greater complexity on all of our users, has reached its limits. We have now reached a sufficient understanding of the domain, its challenges, and the way RUDDER is used, to make us realize that this all-in-one […] Read more

RUDDER 5 – a new modular version, thanks to an ecosystem of plugins

In a few weeks, we will be releasing RUDDER 5, a new major version built around the needs of those who use RUDDER on a daily basis, following an in-depth analysis of our current users to reach a better understanding of their needs. —   Growth vs improvement: rationalization as a solution Since RUDDER was […] Read more

RUDDER 4.3 – Focus on the ‘Technique Parameters’ feature

RUDDER aims at providing an easy to use configuration management solution. One of the key design choice that allows it is the separation of configuration according to different abstraction levels: Techniques which are configurable configuration templates Directives which are ready-to-use instances of a technique Directives are then linked to machines (using rules and groups). Techniques […] Read more

RUDDER 4.3 – Focus on the ‘API rights’ feature

Since RUDDER 2.7 (Almost 5 years ago!), we provide an API that gives you access to almost all data and features from RUDDER so you can build your own scripts and integration and make RUDDER more integrated in your IT environment (more details about the API here:, there was one flaw in our design: […] Read more

RUDDER 4.3 – focus on the ‘node lifecycle’ feature

Until Rudder 4.3, there wasn’t any notion of node lifecycle in Rudder, and so no native way to differentiate between different states of a node. That used to cause some troubles, for example when nodes are no longer connected to a Rudder Server (typically for a maintenance period). So far, in such a case, the […] Read more

RUDDER 4.3 – focus on the ‘properties by inventory extension’ feature

Rudder directives management can be quite complex when dealing with heterogeneous nodes, needing different configurations. In order to limit the multiplication of directives we could use variables or node properties to pass different parameters and try to factorize some code. The 4.3 release comes with a new feature to expand the node inventory with arbitrary […] Read more

Rudder 4.3 is out!

Rudder 4.3 has been released on April 19th 2018 and brings a lot of much anticipated usability improvements. Main new features in Rudder 4.3: Technique Parameters: You can now add parameters to your Techniques created with the Technique editor. The value of theses parameters will be set in Directives, making your Techniques much more versatile […] Read more

Donate to support Rudder project development

You can now support Rudder development by making a one time or recurring donation, using the Bountysource platform:  Why set this up? So far, the only financial backer of Rudder’s development was the core team itself through the revenue of Normation’s activity, the software company providing support and professional services around Rudder, while developing […] Read more

Feb, 14, 2018


Announcing Rudder FAQ

Rudder now has a dedicated interactive FAQ website, replacing the previous one (which was a simple static page in our website). It will provide much easier browsing and search for users, and thus allow us to add more content. This FAQ will continue to be improved, especially with new troubleshooting entries. You can leave […] Read more

Jan, 18, 2018


The new RUDDER agent for Windows is out!

To deal with increasingly complex infrastructure growth, reliability and security issues, the establishment of a continuous approach into IT automation tends to progressively become the obvious answer to these evolutions. This complexity results from the infrastructure manager struggle to handle a double heterogeneity : technlogy diversity and team members skill disparity. However, to take advantage of all its […] Read more

Rudder 3.1.21 ESR, 4.0.7 and 4.1.5 ESR released

The following versions were released on 22th June 2017: 3.1.21 ESR (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 3.1 will reach end of life the 22th December 2017. We recommend that any installations using 3.1 be upgraded to Rudder 4.1. 4.0.7 (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 4.0 will reach end of life the 30th June 2017, and […] Read more

Jun, 27, 2017


The first Rudder room at Config Management Camp 2017

Again this year, Rudder community gathered CfgMgmtCamp, 6 and 7 Feb., Gent (Belgium). But for the first time in its history, Rudder had its own room. Indeed, even though it has been many years since Rudder is present at Cfgmgmtcamp, Rudder used to be in a shared room. Over time, Rudder’s community grew, and the […] Read more

Rudder 4.0.6 and 4.1.3 released

The following versions were released on 23th May 2017: 4.0.6 (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 4.0 will reach end of life the 30th June 2017. We recommend that any installations using 4.0 be upgraded to Rudder 4.1 as soon as possible. 4.1.3 (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 4.1 will become an ESR release, after a […] Read more

May, 23, 2017


Recent Weeks in Rudder – 3 (20 Feb. 2017)

This is a (approximately, and quite old … was lost in the Draft space, but better late than never!) 2 weeks summary of the activity in the Rudder community, highlighting events, discussions and development activity. Writing these updates is open, all contributions are welcome in the collaborative writing space! Announcements and Blog Posts Rudder 4.1 […] Read more

May, 22, 2017


Rudder 3.1.20, 4.0.5 and 4.1.2 released

The following versions were released on 22th May 2017: 3.1.20 ESR (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 3.1 ESR will be maintained 6 months after the 4.1 release is announced as ESR. 4.0.5 (changelog, upgrade documentation) – Rudder 4.0 will reach end of life the 30th June 2017. We recommend that any installations using 4.0 be […] Read more

May, 22, 2017


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