Test the new beta version

We are very proud to announce that we have just released a new version: Rudder 6.0 beta!


Discover the new features

Major features will include two main topics:


→ New security-oriented plugins (available on-demand until stable release, contact us):

  • Vulnerability (CVE) Management: allow to check and list vulnerabilities against CVEs
  • CIS rules package: security rules and audit based on CIS recommandations
  • OpenSCAP: run OpenSCAP and gather result in Rudder UI

→ New encrypted communication protocol (based on HTTPS)

Better user experience

→ Completely revamped the Technique Editor UX

→ Resource management system that handles template and config files directly from the Technique Editor

→ Web interface polished (bye bye annoying notifications, better technical logs interface…)

We have also add new internal components, such as relay server written in Rust, backend rewrote with ZIO Scala framework…

This is a very shortened list of changes for this new version. You can get the complete list and learn more here.


Why the next version is a 6.0?

Until september, the version had been named 5.1. Nonetheless, considering the architectural changes we introduced and the amount of refactoring, we decided to change it to 6.0


Why do we release a beta?

We have already made nightly builds (with an alpha-* version) of the 6.0 branch since 5.0 was released. For us, the public release of a beta is a way to start gathering feedback from outside the dev team. This is the first step in the release process, which will fix bugs and polish the features through the beta and rc cycles. We therefore encourage you to test the beta to help us to stabilize and release RUDDER 6.0!


Download the new version

warning-rudder-6-0-betaThis software is in beta status and contains several new features but we have tested it and believe it to be free of any critical bugs.

The use on-production systems is discouraged at this time and is at your own risk. However, we do encourage testing, and welcome all and any feedback!

Download the new version


Give your feedback!

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