Using rudder-setup to automate Rudder installation

Hello Rudder aficionados!

TL;DR: rudder-setup setup-server 4.0

In the Rudder team, we regularly test Rudder, either for support or for automatic testing.

That’s why we made rudder-tests. It calls Vagrant to install virtual machines and then installs Rudder on them.

Since the installation part was really useful for everyone, we decided to make it an independant script and call it … “rudder-setup”. I know, we are so good at naming things!

Do you want to test a rudder installation ? Simply download rudder-setup and run it


sh rudder-setup setup-server 4.0

Of course you can change the version, 4.0 can be 3.1.0 if you want and older one or 4.1-nightly if you want to test the bleeding edge version.

Of course it can install agents and relays too.

This script tries to follow the Rudder installation documentation and adapt it to the system it runs on. It should work on every Unix OS we support. No need for specific versions.

It starts by setting up the Rudder package repository, and then installs the required packages. Everything is then ready. That’s why we use it for testing, nothing to do, it just works.

Now I’m sure you want to add a node too!

On another machine, just call rudder-setup :

sh rudder-setup setup-agent 4.0

This is sufficient to install the agent and configure the Rudder server to use. An inventory is then sent and you just have to accept the node to start using your own Rudder instance.

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