Recent Weeks in Rudder – 3 (20 Feb. 2017)

This is a (approximately, and quite old … was lost in the Draft space, but better late than never!) 2 weeks summary of the activity in the Rudder community, highlighting events, discussions and development activity. Writing these updates is open, all contributions are welcome in the collaborative writing space!

Announcements and Blog Posts

  • Rudder 4.1 beta 2 and 4.1 beta 3 were published. We are getting closer to the next major release of Rudder. Feedback from users is very precious to us, thanks for testing!
    • As a side note, if you want to test file sharing between nodes in beta 3, you need to apply a fix for #10184: run “chmod 770 /var/rudder/shared-files” on all servers and relays after update.
  • Rudder 3.2 reached End-of-Life on 10th Feb. 2017, and the last update will be included in the next batch of minor releases. You should upgrade to 4.0 as soon as possible.
  • A new FAQ / knowledge base site was announced during CfgMgmtCamp, It contains answers to general questions about Rudder as well as frequently encountered technical problems.



Besides preparing the next minor releases, our main focus is currently finishing and stabilizing the 4.1 release.

    • Initial (beta) release of data source plugin for 4.1
    • Changelogs are now based on the Git log (and not only on Redmine tickets), to ensure an easy tracking of changes across branches and releases.
    • [#10214] The techniques were almost all renamed in 4.1, from small typographical changes to complete renaming. We want to get consistent, readable and understandable names. See the new naming guidelines below.
    • [#10169] Node properties can now be modified in the Web interface
    • We continued improving our release process with more automated steps and a new build server that allows us to build sources and packages of a complete Rudder release in less than 3 hours.
    • We are working on ARM builds and looking for feedback about you use cases:

The following documentation sources were added:


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