CFEngine training course in Brussels – 1-2-3 February (before FOSDEM)

Need to automate your system administration tasks like installing and configuring servers? Want to ensure policy compliance across your IT infrastructure? Already using CFEngine but interested in learning more?

Going to Brussels for FOSDEM already and could spare a few days before hand to learn a new skill? Or just need a good reason to go to Brussels and then stay on for FOSDEM?

Whatever your interest, you may want to attend our CFEngine training session in Brussels on February 1,2 and 3 (that’s Wednesday-Friday before FOSDEM)!

Flexible course programme

These 3 days can be split up as follows, so that you can build your own training content, depending on your expectations and requirements:

  • Day 1 morning: What is configuration management? CFEngine architecture and the “desired state” approach
  • Day 1 afternoon and Day 2: CFEngine Fundamentals: hands-on training covering basic CFEngine installation, syntax and features through examples. At the end of the course, attendees will have an understanding and recommended best practices for designing a CFEngine-based configuration management system.
  • Day 3: CFEngine Industrialization: Moving on from elementary examples to real-world requirements, including complex parameters, reporting, interaction with other tools and planning changes.

Except the first morning, all of this course is very hands-on, and attendees will be expected to bring a laptop so that they can get CFEngine up and running in their own environment. All courses are given by a trainer who is a recognized CFEngine expert, community contributor and has received training certification from CFEngine AS. The course language is English.

Interesting in participating?

To sign up visit (payment by credit card or PayPal accepted), or email commercial AT to get an official quote or submit a purchase order.

Any questions?

Just ask us by email (contact AT, Twitter (@normation) or IRC (#normation on FreeNode).

Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!

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