Recent Weeks in Rudder – 1 (20 Dec. 2016)

This is a (approximately) 2 week summary of the activity in the Rudder community, highlighting events, discussions and development activity. Writing these updates is open, all contributions are welcome in the collaborative writing space!

Announcements and Blog Posts



  • We started working on Rudder 4.1, the two main features will be an API on all Rudder relays allowing file sharing between nodes and remote run across relay, and a way to include data from external APIs in Rudder properties
    • #8353 Implement notifications for different server-side actions and events (hooks), with ongoing discussion about implementation in the issue
    • #9698 Import node properties from external data sources
    • #9707 Relay API for file sharing between nodes and remote run across relays, see the thread on [rudder-dev] for more information
    • #9698 Import node properties from external Web APIs
    • #9733 Add tags in Directive/Rules
    • #9737 Upgrade of CFEngine in Rudder agent to 3.10.0b1 (3.10 will be the next LTS release, and includes major performance improvements for data manipulation)
  • #9706 Discussion about a new method to set sysctl settings
  • Reworked README for the main project, including a functional diagram of Rudder
  • The changelogs have all be moved from the old foswiki to the Rudder project website, and the sources are now in git
  • Updated Reference documentation about Techniques (including new report types in 4.0), that now live in the manual

Dec, 20, 2016