Rudder 7.0 is out!

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The new version is now out!

We’ve spent this past year to think about Rudder’s strategic position and what we want to develop for the next few years. A lot of development for this version are under the hood to prepare 2022. Nonetheless, we have some changes visible for our users: new visual identity, interface redesigned, dedicated configuration DSL… Here are the main features of Rudder 7.0 that prepare for the future.

Register to our webinar to get details on the new features and discover our future roadmap:

New visual identity: a new era for Rudder

The new color and logo refresh the previous design and mark this new step for Rudder. This change will be continued with future releases.

Redesigned interface: a better user experience

Rudder grew over the time, while the user experience has not be standardized across all pages. We are taking advantage of our new visual identity to updates some pages of the interface, such as the rules page, have been redesigned to improve your experience. Managing your infrastructure becomes ever easier.

Configuration DSL: new way to manage your infrastructure

Rudder focus on an easy to learn interface to allow every user to contribute to your infrastructure management. But that wasn’t enough and some of our expert users were looking forward to this feature: we have now our dedicated configuration DSL. You can now define configurations directly as code, which will be compiled to ensure high reliability.
Configuration DSL Rudder

New offer: get a global control

We changed our business model to enable more control and flexibility to our customers. Rudder now offers you two distinct modules: Configuration Management and Security Management. Theses modules have been designed to better meet with your needs. Rudder is the automation software to manage, control and secure your entire infrastructure, whether it is complex, hybrid or heterogenous.
Configuration and security management Rudder
Other features has been developed or enhanced. Discover them in the changelog!

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Détails du module Security management

Ce module a pour objectif de garantir une sécurité et une conformité optimales pour la gestion de votre infrastructure, avec des fonctionnalités pour les entreprises telles que :

Pour en savoir plus sur ce module, consultez la page gestion de la sécurité.

Détails du module configuration & patch management

Ce module vise une performance et une fiabilité optimales pour la gestion de votre infrastructure et de vos patchs, avec des fonctionnalités pour les entreprises telles que :

Pour en savoir plus sur ce module, consultez la page gestion des configurations et des patchs.