Tailored services

We are committed to making every RUDDER installation a success. Contact us, we will investigate together how to solve your problems, including the most specific.​

Project investigation

This project study aims to prepare your automation & compliance project, in order to take into account the specificities of your business context and your technical heritage.

It allows to ensure a fast and controlled control of the solution and to guarantee the choice of technology with full knowledge of the facts.

Start-up workshop

The study is first structured around a workshop in order to frame the project. It allows the project team to validate the solution's integration architecture and define the scope of the project by identifying its impact on the company's technical environment and internal collaboration processes.

Hands-on exploration

At the end of the workshop, a first set of representative configurations that takes into account the customer's business and technical prerequisites is integrated into the deployment of RUDDER in a test environment. The expert also accompanies the project team in order to explain RUDDER's concepts, position the solution in the company's Information System and transmit the skills related to its use.

Report Delivery

We provide you with a complete report of the study presenting the results achieved by the project team according to the objectives defined during the exchange workshop. The conclusions of this report can thus be presented to the company's decision maker(s).


We are at your disposal to accompany you.

Audit and project guidance

A member of the development team comes on site with you to help define the steps and objectives of the RUDDER deployment project. It will be faster and more robust.

Architecture and integration

Take advantage of our proximity. To guarantee the success of your automation and/or conformity control project, call on us for integration.

Consolidation and optimization

A well optimized architecture and rules will save you performance and work time. After an audit of your environment, we perfect together your RUDDER installation.

Tailor-made technical support

You need to contact us quickly and frequently? We offer you a framework contract with tokens to use as you see fit!


Everywhere in Europe. In our offices or on site.

Discover RUDDER - the basics

1 day – level

Advanced Use - Best Practices of use

1 day – level

Administration - best operation practices

1 day – level
Public training available every 6 weeks. Prices for a 3-day session from 1600 to 1950 € / person.
Would you like to participate in a public session or organize in-house training?

Sponsored development

We are just a step from satisfying you even more!

You have a feature idea?

You have an idea about a feature which could improve the comfort and\or the performance of your use of RUDDER? We can integrate it firstly into a next official version!

Let's estimate it!

We estimate together the detail of your needs and the development time of it.

We charge only half of it!

By choosing to let your feature open source and available for all, we'll support half of the development cost.

Any specific need?

We’re in Europe, in France! Take advantage of our proximity, we are at your disposal to get involved in your projects and visit you on site to offer you the most efficient service. What could be better than having RUDDER developers directly on your premises with your teams to solve your most specific problems?
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