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Comment réussir sa transformation DevOps en 9 points clés

Devops, devops, devops… La hype-curve de Gartner n’arrive plus à suivre l’inflation d’espoir qui est lié à ce nouveau buzz word, et si vous ne voulez pas encore arriver après la bataille – vous avez entendu parler de développements agiles la semaine dernière, et depuis lors, la tour d’ivoire remplie d’architectes logiciels n’ayant pas vu […] Read more

An installation and everyday usage guide for libvirt and KVM

Why all this ? Today, nearly every modern computing-related company uses directly or indirectly a virtualization software. As seen with the recent Cloud computing trend, it is a sector that recently exploded in popularity and it is now accessible to everyone. There are now a LOT of alternatives to virtualize an OS : Isolation : […] Read more


Mounting partitions stored in a logical volume (or a disk image)

With the increased use of virtualization has come the increased use of disk images (.iso, .vmdl, .qcow2, .vdi, etc) and LVM’s logical volumes (LV), as dedicated storage for Virtual Machines (VM). Frequently, when setting up a VM, several partitions are created within these disk images. So, you end up with a machine (the virtualization host), […] Read more