New releases and security

We have put in place three tools to keep you informed of RUDDER's progress.


Our tweets are about RUDDER news in the broadest sense:
- new versions,
- presence on events,
- blog articles about features,
- recruitment,

and the life of the team more generally.

Technical mailing lists

Managed by the development team, these mailing lists deal only with technical subjects (security, bugs, changelog, etc.)
  • RUDDER users :
    Questions and general discussion around RUDDER.
  • RUDDER announce :
    Announcement of new versions or safety recommendations (read only).
  • RUDDER dev:
    Discussions about the development of RUDDER and contributions.


The newsletter covers the same topics as the Twitter account, except that you are less likely to miss important information by email.

We send a maximum of one email per month.

Security vulnerabilities

RUDDER security vulnerabilities are published on the RUDDER announce mailing list, and mentioned in the changelogs.

You can report any security vulnerability affecting RUDDER sources, packages, or infrastructure (repositories, websites, etc.) you have found by contacting RUDDER security team at the following address:

You can encrypt your messages using our key (fingerprint : 340C 9645 2F9A 816C 330A 99B7 C854 668E 3617 3DB3).