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The first Rudder room at Config Management Camp 2017

Again this year, Rudder community gathered CfgMgmtCamp, 6 and 7 Feb., Gent (Belgium). But for the first time in its history, Rudder had its own room. Indeed, even though it has been many years since Rudder is present at Cfgmgmtcamp, Rudder used to be in a shared room. Over time, Rudder’s community grew, and the […] Read more

What’s new in Rudder 4.1

  Rudder 4.1 has been released on March 30th 2017 and brings a lot of much anticipated convenience improvements to make the best of Rudder 4.0 big new features. This article describes the most significant ones. Feel free to read the 4.1 changelog to see the complete list. Organize Rules and Directives by setting key=value tags […] Read more

The first knowledge hub on release management – interview of the creators

Last month we discovered Electric Cloud, a Californian company specialized in Continuous Delivery. They did a great job creating a wiki gathering every tools and companies involved in IT auotmation, from infrastructure configuration management to continuous depolyment. As we praised this intiative, and not only because Rudder is included in the configuration management section, we […] Read more

Rudder 3.1 “Frigate” release

Rudder 3.1 “Frigate” was released 9th July 2015.   The main changes are: Improvements on security: inventories are now signed and sent over HTTPS, a basic SELinux policy is now provided New features in the API: compliance, rule and group categories, complex queries on nodes Some UI improvements: compliance of each Node in Nodes list, […] Read more

Rudder 3.0 – A major step forward

Hello folks, 2015 starts with a lot of new promising changes for Rudder! After all the polishing work we did to Release Rudder 2.11, we decided that the next Rudder version would have a lot of new features and improvements. With a list of feature that long, we decided that the next version will be […] Read more

gpg+vim+git for easy, independent and safe personal password management

The Sisyphus of our time: trying to safely manage your passwords I don’t know for you, but it’s been a long time since I abandoned the idea to try to memorize my passwords. I try to be safe, and password theft happens so quickly that I don’t want to share a password between two entities […] Read more

Nov, 27, 2014



A recap of the devops track at Open World Forum 2014

Last week in Paris, the Open World Forum took place over two days and I was asked to organise the devops track of this event. The event itself was beautifully organised in a lovely space right in the centre of Paris (just off the Champs Elysées with several metro lines nearby). Many local companies were […] Read more


Top 10 video game soundtracks to work more efficiently

At Normation, we work hard to make our Rudder software featureful and reliable. To give the best of ourselves, nothing beats motivation by music! Popular wisdom dictates that music is good for the soul but this selection is intended to multiple the speed of your brain’s synapses, and therefore speed up bug fixing, feature development, […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2014



Why are devops more dev than ops in France? Cultural exception or communication problem?

At the beginning of each devopsdays event I’ve been to, the MC asks the audience to raise hands if they identify themselves as mainly “devs” or mainly “ops” or neither. At previous devopsdays I’ve attended in Europe (Rome, London, Amsterdam…) there has usually been a majority of “primarily ops”, (while not always a huge majority, […] Read more

Sep, 24, 2014



Configure vim for CFEngine highlighting

If you edit or read CFEngine files with vim, you may have noticed that the syntax highlighting is at best weird. Just for you, Neil Watson made a vim syntax highlighter.

Sep, 15, 2014



Selfies in Github Pull Requests

We recently discovered this blog post on how Selfies in Pull Requests would improve morale, fun, and make code reviews more enjoyable. Especially this sentence struck a chord: “Sometimes it becomes easy to forget that the person producing the code is a human being with needs and emotions” The first reaction, after reading this blog […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2014



Best wishes for 2014!

Normation would like to wish you happiness, health and success as we begin 2014 together. Hoping you also had a great 2013 and are looking forward to what this year will bring us ! For Normation, the year included a total of 5 new releases of Rudder, the co-organising and sponsoring of the very first […] Read more

Jan, 14, 2014