Nicolas Charles

Nicolas Charles
Dune’s world knowledge
François Pérusse
Esoteric musical erudition

Head of customer satisfaction

Co-founder of RUDDER, he supports RUDDER customers and users in the complex deployments of RUDDER, both from an organizational and technical point of view. Technically, he intervenes in particular on the scalability and performance aspects of the solution, as well as on the interconnection between the policy engine and the agent. He also translates customer needs into specifications, supports users in defining the target architecture, migration to RUDDER and the transition of business processes.

Before founding RUDDER, Nicolas explored many fields as a developer and integrator, from very low level hardware (hard disk emulation in FPGA) to neural networks.

In his spare time, Nicolas is a happy but sometimes tired father, a former Salsa dancer (but far from equaling Alexandre Brianceau), and an alternative music lover.

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