In union there is strength: this expression makes all the more sense in the context of advanced technology and strong expertise.

Professional services and training

Our partners can help you with Rudder deployment and integration in your IT environment, or to get to speed with professionnal training.

ITIKA is a consulting company specialised in professionnal services on open source solution. It can help you build a dedicated solution for you IT problems based exclusively on free software.

Zenika – Passion in open source and agility consulting
Zenika is one of the leading providers of professional Open Source services and agile methodologies in Europe. We provide consulting, development, training and support for the world’s leading Open Source software products, with a strong focus on DevOps, Java and Java EE as well as agile project management to build high quality software on schedule and reducing the overall costs.

Savoir-faire Linux is a leading Free/Open-Source Software company. Headquartered in Montreal with offices in Quebec City, Ottawa and Paris, the company has developed a unique expertise starting in 1999. Fifteen years later, its multidisciplinary team of 100 consultants helps a customer base of over 500 organizations — including Quebec and Canadian government organizations, major international agencies, industry giants, and SMEs/ SMI — meeting the challenges of information systems in constant evolution.

EduGroupe is a training center which propose a whole panel of IT tranings that can be deliver in any major cities in France.

Technological Parternerships

To enable us to use the most reliable, mature technology, and rely upon the leaders of each technological field for our R&D and support activities, we have established partnerships with the following companies and projects:

CFEngine is a configuration management and automation engine that lets you securely manage your mission critical IT infrastructure. CFEngine uses autonomous agents which runs on the smallest embedded devices, on servers, in the cloud, and on mainframes, easily handling tens of thousands of nodes.

Fusion Inventory agent is a generic, multi-plateform inventory agent. It is extremly portable and extensible and so is able to make inventories from android smartphone to AIX.

iTop is the leading open source Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB). Its flexible model follows your business needs and its ease of use make adopting ITIL best practices a breeze.

The OpenLDAP Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, fully featured, and open source LDAP suite of applications and development tools. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenLDAP Suite and its related documentation.

Other supporters

Normation is a fast growing and promising French company that is supported by the following institution and obtained several labels.

PM’up contest as the goal to select from French Ile-de-France region SME best suited to boost local economical developpement and help them during 3 years implement at best their strategy so that they can overcome major stages in their evolution. Normation win the 2014 contest and in so won a 250 000€ subvention over the next 3 following years.

Normation is a member of the thematic group “Free Software” in the Systematic cluster. We won the “Innovative Company of Clusters” (“EIP, Entreprise Innovante des Pôles”) after defending our project in front of a grand jury composed of experts and investors from our domain who validated the potential and relevance of both our product and business model.

Bpifrance helps companies growth and make champions of tomorrow rise. From seeding round to IPO, from loan to equity, BPIFrance proposed financing tailored to each stage of the company life.

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