New Rudder blog – a community channel

A blog for the Rudder community

We decided to open a new communication channel for the Rudder community. Its main goal is to provide a place for development and community-oriented content, easier to discover and browse than mailing-list archives.

This blog will include:

  • Major and minor release announcements, with a focus on highlighting important changes and fixes
  • Regular news about Rudder development, called Recent weeks in Rudder (see the explanation below)
  • and more!

This blog is an open place for the community, and we would be glad to publish content from users outside of the development team.

Recent weeks in Rudder

Like other Open Source projects already do (for example This Week in Rust), we want to create a regular newsletter about Rudder community and development activity. It will centralize links to all recent content about Rudder, and will summarize the activity of the development team.

It will be published every few weeks (2 is the initial goal, but it may vary depending on the activity level), the first one will be published very soon. Writing these updates is public and open, and anyone can propose changes in the collaborative writing space.

Get notified and contribute!

To follow the Rudder news, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog using your favorite feed reader. Furthermore, this blog is open to contributions from Rudder developers and users, so if you want to share Rudder usecases, tips, etc., you can send your post proposals to

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